Scholes sees Manchester United as Premier League favorites

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Former Manchester United midfielder Paul Scholes still thinks Manchester City are favorites to win the Premier League title. England this season

“The Sailboat” had just lost to Manchester United 1-2 on Saturday, making it 5 points behind Arsenal, the same lead team ufabet, and having played more than 1 game, but Scholes saw that the team Pep Guardiola still has the potential and is the favorite team to win the league this season.

“We’ve learned that Manchester United can beat big teams when there’s pressure and when they want to,” Scholes told BT Sport.

“Are they in the pursuit of the title? I think you can say that. If they can maintain the fitness of the players. They are one point behind City at the moment.

“City are still favorites for me. They are also the best team in the league. It’s one thing to win games now. But in March or April It’s hard to win those games.”

“Arsenal are doing really well. They really look like a good team. But injuries will probably affect them. including lack of experience They have a manager who didn’t win the league. There are players who don’t really win the title.

“There are still 20 games to play, all of which may change by February.”